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Note for:   Guđný Kristín Markusson,   19 FEBRUARY 1899 - 16 MAR 2004         Index

     Date:   20 MAR 2004
     Place:   Gimli Community Cemetery

Birth Note: Source:    article from 14 Dec 2001

Birth Note: Source:    Guđný Kristín Péturson obituary

Death Note: Source:    Guđný Kristín Péturson obituary

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Note for:   Finnur Björn Markusson,   1 MAY 1900 - 21 SEPT. 2001         Index

     Place:   Arborg Personal Care, Arborg, Manitoba

Birth Note: Source:    person only

Birth Note: Source:    article from 14 Dec 2001birth date of 1890 possibly wrong.

Birth Note: Source:    obituary for Finnur

Death Note: Source:    article from 14 Dec 2001

Death Note: Source:    obituary for Finnur

_MEM Source Note:    obituary for Finnur

Individual Notes

Note for:   Jóhannes Ólafur Markusson,   25 AUGUST 1901 - 14 MARCH 2009         Index

Occupation:   farmer and a fisherman.

     Place:   Gimli, Manitoba

     Date:   20 MAR 2009
     Place:   Hnausa Cemetery

Birth Note: Source:    REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1901-001213

Birth Note: Source:    obituary for Johannes Markusson

Death Note: Source:     death:

Death Note: Source:    obituary for Johannes Markusson

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Note for:   Sveinbjörn Kristján Markusson,   6 MARCH 1905 - 1997         Index

     Date:   21 MARCH 1905

     Place:   Manitoba, Canada

Birth Note: Source:    Births, baptisms 1900-1902 from
First Lutheran Breiduvik Congregation
Manitoba, Church Records, 1800-1959 for birth date and birth location

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Note for:   Emilia Ingibörg Sigursteinsson,   28 AUGUST 1907 - 5 JUNE 2001         Index

     Date:   8 JUNE 2001
     Place:   Hnausa Cemetery, Manitoba

Birth Note: Source:    REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1907-001771

Birth Note: Source:    obituary for Emilia Ingibörg

Death Note: Source:    obituary for Emilia Ingibörg

Individual Notes

Note for:   Guđmundur Ingiberg Markusson,   (ABOUT)1929 - 15 JAN 2011         Index

Nickname:   Mundi

Occupation:   farmer, diesel mechanic and fisherman

Occupation:   owner of Markusson Foods
     Date:   FROM 1950 TO 1993

     Place:   Arnes, Manitoba

     Place:   Gimli, Manitoba

Birth Note: Source:

Birth Note: Source:    obituary for Johannes Markusson

Birth Note: Source:    from obituay for estimated birth year

Death Note: Source:    from obituary 17 Jan 2011