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1512 Michelangelo paints Sistine Chapel
1534 Henry VIII controls English church
1538 Cortes conquers Mexico
1547 Ivan the Terrible rules Russia
1558 Elizabeth I is England's queen
1479 Formation of kingdom of Spain
1488 Diaz rounds Cape of Good Hope
1492 Columbus discovers West Indies
1498 Vasco da Gama sails to India
1503 Leonard da Vinci paints Mona Lisa
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1427 Portuguese reach the Azores
1434 Medici rules in Florence
1440 Gutenberg, printing w/type
1453 End of Hundred Years War
 Jón Björnsson
 b.1330 Grenjađarstađur, Iceland
 d.1403 Kelduhverfi, Iceland
 Finnbogi Jónsson
 Ţorgerđur (not known)
 Hallur Finnbogason
 b.1415 Ás, Iceland
 Hákon Hallsson
 b.1440  Vindheimar or B, Iceland
 Margrét Höskuldsdóttir
 Hálfdan Hallsson
 b.1475  Vindheimar or B, Iceland
 Not known
 b.1425 (possibly) Vind, Iceland