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1700 Britain's american colonies prosper
1707 Union Act unites England/Scotland
1712 Religious warfare in Switzerland
1740 War of Austrian Succession begins
1762 Catherine II becomes Czarina/Russia
1642 Civil war England/Scotland/Ireland
1660 Restoration of monarchy, Britain
1665 Great plague of London
1666 Great Fire of London
1696 Peter the Great becomes Czar
1611 Authorized English Bible published
1613 Romanov dynasty begins in Russia
1618 Beginning of 30 Years War
1628 English curtail King's powers
1640 Portugal gains independence/Spain
 Olav Gudmundson
 b.1654 Ile, Vikedal Vindafjord, RO
 d.1721 Håland, RO
 Gudmund Olavson
 b.1679 Håland, Norway
 d.1739 Håland, Norway
 Olav Gudmundson
 b.1705 Håland, Norway
 d.1773 Håland, Norway
 Sissel Børgesdotter
 b.1647 Aubø, RO
 d.1706 Håland, RO
 Brynhild Gudmundsdotter
 b.1709 Lid, Norway
 Jens Jonasson
 b.          Stavanger, Norway
 d.1648 Prestegarden, Norway
 Jonas Gudmundson
 b.1716 Lid, Norway
 d.1785 Venja, Norway
 Jonas Jensson
 d.1697 Prestegarden, Norway
 Margrete Jørgensdtr
 Marta Jonasdotter
 b.1677 Prestegården, Norway
 d.1741 Håland, Norway
 Knut Johannesson
 b.1612 Stokka, Norway
 Brynhild Knutsdatter
 b.1635 Lovra, Norway
 Marita Gudmundsdatter
 b.1615 Fosen, Norway
 d.1710 Lovra, Norway