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1903 Wright brothers 1st plane flight
1912 Titanic sinks on maiden voyage
1914 - 1918 World War I
1922 USSR formed by Soviet states
1939 - 1945 World War II
1854 Crimean War with Russia
1869 Opening of Suez Canal
1871 Franco - Prussian War
1895 Marconi invents wireless telegraphy
1899 Boer War begins
1804 Napoleon becomes French Emperor
1805 Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson killed
1815 Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon defeat
1830 French Revolution
1837 Queen Victoria assumes throne
 Antonius Petersen
 b.1816 Skælingur b, Faroe islands
 d.1868 Skælingur b, Faroe islands
 Jens Nicolaje Petersen
 b.1864 Skælling By, Faroe Islands
 d.1934 R.M of Siglunes, Canada
 Anna Katrine Petersen
 Anne Cathrine Nicolasdatter
 b.1827 Funnings S, Faroe Islands
 d.1906 not in 1911 census
 Angelica Petersen
 Johannes Peter Frederiksen
 b.1826 Nesset byg, Faroe Islands
 Peter Frederik Johannesen
 b.1852 Nesset (Ne, Faroe Islands
 d.1893 Nesset (Ne, Faroe Islands
 Kristiane Johannesdatter
 b.1821 Vestmanna , Faroe Islands
 d.1900 Nesset byg, Faroe Islands
 Tomina Maria Petersen
 b.1879 Nesinum by, Faroe Islands
 d.1909 Winnipeg, Manitoba
 Thomas Jacobsen
 b.1811 Kaldbak by, Faroe Islands
 d.1880 Kaldbaks S, Faroe Islands
 Angelica Reinert
 b.1842 Kaldbak by, Faroe Islands
 d.1892 Nesset (Ne, Faroe Islands
 Maria Magdalene Reinert
 b.1807 Kaldbak by, Faroe Islands
 d.1892 Kaldbak by, Faroe Islands