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1613 Romanov dynasty begins in Russia
1618 Beginning of 30 Years War
1628 English curtail King's powers
1640 Portugal gains independence/Spain
1642 Civil war England/Scotland/Ireland
1558 Elizabeth I is England's queen
1580 Drake completes voyage around world
1582 New Gregorian calendar introduced
1588 English defeat the Spanish Armada
1611 Authorized English Bible published
1503 Leonard da Vinci paints Mona Lisa
1512 Michelangelo paints Sistine Chapel
1534 Henry VIII controls English church
1538 Cortes conquers Mexico
1547 Ivan the Terrible rules Russia
 Dorethe Struch
 b.1605 Ribe
 d.1657 Ribe
 Berthel Struch
 b.1565 Lund
 d.1621 Ribe
 Jørgen Struch
 b.1606 Ribe
 d.1673 Hjortlund
 Dorethe Struch
 b.1607 Ribe
 d.1659 Ribe
 Kirsten Struch
 b.1607 Ribe
 d.1655 Ribe
 Anders Søren Vendel
 b.1542 Vejle
 d.1616 Ribe
 Maren Struch
 b.1608 Ribe
 d.1650 Ribe
 Anna Vedel
 b.1585 Ribe
 d.1655 Ribe
 Hans Laugesen
 b.1501 Ribe
 d.1594 Ribe
 Mette Laugesen
 b.1562 Ribe
 d.1633 Ribe
 Dorothea Tausen
 b.1539 Roskilde, Denmark
 d.1601 Ribe, Jutland, Denmark