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1815 Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon defeat
1830 French Revolution
1837 Queen Victoria assumes throne
1854 Crimean War with Russia
1869 Opening of Suez Canal
1789 Geo. Washington 1st USA president
1789 French Revolution begins
1798 Irish revolt against English rule
1804 Napoleon becomes French Emperor
1805 Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson killed
1712 Religious warfare in Switzerland
1740 War of Austrian Succession begins
1762 Catherine II becomes Czarina/Russia
1770 Cook discovers New South Wales
1776 America declares independence
 Ole Jacobsen
 b.1714 Noršagųta , Farie Islands
 d.1797 Noršagųta , Farie Islands
 Jacob Olesen
 b.1750 Noršagųta , Farie Islands
 Cathrine Simonsdatter
 b.1723 Blankaskįla (Blankeskaal
 d.1790 Noršagųta, Faroe Islands
 Ole Jacobsen
 b.1790 Noršagųta, Faroe Islands
 Hųgne Augustinusen
 b.1732 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Anna Hųgnedatter
 b.1765 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 d.1800 Gųtu Sókn, Farie Islands
 Cathrine Joensdatter
 d.1803 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Johan Frederik Olesen
 b.1821 Gųtu Sókn, Faroe Islands
 d.1886 Skśvoyar S, Faroe Islands
 Heine Jacobsen
 b.1728 Sjóvar Sók, Faroe Islands
 d.1791 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Jacob Heinesen
 b.1765 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Anna Johannesdatter
 b.1741 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Anna Jacobsdatter
 b.1794 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Isach Joensen
 b.1743 Fuglafjųršur
 d.1816 Fuglafjųršur
 Elsebeth Isachsdatter
 b.1767 Fuglafjarša, Faroe Islands
 Sunneva Niclasdatter
 b.1727 Nes
 d.1797 Fuglafjųršur