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Our families have consisted of many different peoples over the centuries. There are references to the House of Yngling, which is the oldest known Scandinavian dynasty, these are placed here only to give reference to the Sagas (our history) of which we are proud. Some early kings were probably mythical, whereas others probably existed in real life. The people in this genealogy have all been linked up to our families. There are Kings, Queens and knights and also Vikings, law makers, law keepers and law breakers. We have many famers of the land and also those that made their living from the sea, many families have moved to countries around the world in search of a better life. Some became notable preachers of the old and the new religions. Others were great writers and poets of note.
Please enjoy this genealogy, we have tried to keep it accurate but if mistakes were made please tell us. We give thanks to all who have helped bring this family history to our present and future families.
Thank You / Takk fyri / Şökk fyrir

Janet Reykdal and Linden Davidson
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